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Power & Lighting

We understand power and lighting and how it can play a huge difference to the ambience and productivity of a home, an office or a workshop. 


That's why Pearce Electrical expertise can offer a comprehensive range of power and lighting services for all residential, commercial and industrial environments.




The right power in every room, makes for easy living and working.  Don’t tolerate insufficient or inefficient power anymore - get your power fixed or get the correct power for your needs.


Whether you need extra power points or existing power points upgraded with USB outlets, weather-proof power points for your outdoor entertaining area or you want to look into smart home and business automation, Pearce Electrical can help. 



The power of lighting

The right lighting lifts the mood, inspires productivity and motivates us. At home, light enlivens the little things — our busy morning routines, or the precious moments we spend with family and friends.  

For a business, installing LED lighting technologies can soon see your business enjoy energy savings as well as environmental, employee health benefits and efficiencies in staff productivity.


With so many lighting options – a statement decorative ceiling fixture, downlighting to gently wash your walls and curtains with soft light, or accent lights to highlight stunning artworks, dimmers on your overhead lights or functional lighting for business – we can create the mood and productivity for any space. 


Call Pearce Electrical today on 021 800 148, about creating a smarter, more energy efficient home or business today. 


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