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3 Essential Auckland Electrical Services

An electrician is an individual who has extensive knowledge of electrical wiring in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Auckland electricians are responsible for testing, installing and maintaining electrical systems but just having the skills and knowledge is not enough. Registration with the Electrical Workers Registration Board is mandatory for those conducting electrical work. A competency refresher program is required every two years to update your knowledge and skills to maintain current industry standards.

Electrical Fires - the facts

Over 20% of New Zealand house fires are caused by appliances or the power supply or damage to power outlets. One of the most dangerous misperceptions is connecting multiple power boards to one socket; however, this is untrue. It is best not to exceed the safe limit of that socket by overloading.

Most electrical fires occur between 12 am, and 6 am, and the fatality rates increase substantially as homeowners are generally fast asleep during these times.

Book a registered electrician for these electrical services to avoid an electrical fire.

1. Residential Electrical Services - Home Appliances Installation

Installing home appliances appears to be an easy task, but you may be putting yourself at risk to danger. Each device has a unique installation process. Pearce residential electrical services Auckland are well-versed with electrical components, exactly what power requirements and the best placement for the equipment. Pearce Residential Electrical Services Auckland will provide you with efficient service and show you how to use your installed appliances.

Any maintenance questions or operating issues can be quickly sorted on-site by the professional service of Pearce Residential electrical services Auckland.

2. Update the wiring and electrical work

Old, outdated, or deteriorated wiring can cause house fires, which is especially true for homes built more than 20 years ago. The wiring in these older homes may not have been inspected for some time. A lack of regular electrical maintenance can lead to undetected deterioration that does not comply with current standards and regulations.

Electrical wires that are faulty or old that have not had regular electrical maintenance will overload and cause the complete electrical system to fail. The warning signs of electrical wiring repairs being required are:

  • Loose connections and sockets

  • Brown or burn marks on or around sockets

  • Burning smells or smoke

  • The use of excessive power boards and extension cords to cover for lack of power outlets

  • Dimming and flickering lights

  • Electric shocks when you plugin or touch a cord or appliance

Pearce Commercial Electrical Services Auckland are registered electricians and can conduct inspections using specialist testing equipment to identify any wiring issues. Pearce Commercial Electrical Services provide high-quality workmanship and are qualified to recommend the installation of new wiring systems, safety and emergency switches, as well as switchboard replacements and upgrades.

3. Electrical repairs (e.g. Sockets)

In today's modern world, we depend on electrical and water utilities to operate in our homes. When outlets stop functioning, it can be frustrating.

If you see any of these signs, it may be time for electrical work:

  • Loose appliance plug fitting in the socket

  • Any sounds emitting from the socket, e.g. buzzing or crackling

  • Warm to touch sockets

  • Physical exterior damage to the socket

  • The socket has ceased to work

  • Burning smells or smoke

Pearce Commercial electrician Auckland and Pearce Residential electricians Auckland can assess the dangers related to your current sockets before proceeding and recommend a positive course of action before providing advanced electrical services.

Reliable Auckland Electricians

It is best to get Pearce residential and commercial electrical services in Auckland to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems and equipment. They are skilled and knowledgeable and will ensure that your electrical systems comply with current regulations and industry standards.

It may be time to contact Pearce residential and commercial electrical Auckland. If you're in Auckland and need electrical work, contact our electrician, who can help prevent them. Call us on 021 800 148 or inquire online for a quote on our service.

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