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Residential Electrical

Residential Electrical Solutions


When it comes to residential electrical needs, we don't believe there is a one size fits all approach.


Over the years, we have found every home is different and everyone values things differently in their home.  Some prefer bright lighting, and some enjoy dim background lighting, some want all the gadgets of home automation.  


If you are looking at building a new home or renovating, we always recommend meeting you at your home to discuss with you what your electrical needs are and what is important to you. 


Reliable electrical services for your house build


Talk to us about your new building plans and electrical requirements before you start so we can design your new electrical system to meet all your lifestyle needs and budget.


We design to function effectively within the architectural parameters of your new build or renovation.


Our experience ensures you get advanced, efficient, and cost-effective technology and innovative solutions to not only meet your family’s needs today but also well into the future.


We fit in with your build


Building and renovating can be a busy time.  At Pearce Electrical, we work to reduce the pressure by being productive, timely and reliable.  As locals, we turn up when you need us not only when it is convenient for us.  We work with your other trades and suppliers to provide service like no others.


Attention to detail


We find time and time again; it is our attention to the little details that proves to be the winner for our clients. 


Our care and skill, our innovation, planning and quality assurance, ensures Pearce Electrical is the choice with home builders.


If you’re looking for electrical expertise and the highest level of customer service, call Pearce Electrical today on 021 800 148.



Pearce Electrical Ltd

David Pearce

Phone: 021 800 148


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