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Heat Pump Installation

Too hot in summer, too cold in winter? Pearce Electrical can help.


Enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump


Heat pumps are a great choice to create a warm, comfortable home quickly all year-round at the touch of a button (or from your smartphone!).  


They are also an extremely efficient way to heat and cool your home or business. 


How efficient are heat pumps?  


Heat pumps are considered energy efficient, as they supply a larger capacity for heating and cooling than the amount of electrical energy used to run them.



We guide you through your heat pump choices


It can get confusing and daunting trying to choose the right heat pump that will suit your situation and create a pleasant atmosphere.


Pearce Electrical will walk you through the whole process – 

  • We will ask you questions about your environment and lifestyle and inspect the space you require to be heated and cooled.  We will assess your current power supply circuit.

  • We use a simple guide to calculate the size of your room or area to ensure we recommend the correct heat pump that can heat (and cool) quickly and efficiently. 

  • We can supply a range of well-known brands in various price ranges to choose from. 

  • We will discuss with you the best position to situate the compressor unit (the outdoor unit) outside.  We always try to put it in a discrete location.  We can also supply stylish covers that will hide but not affect the heat pumps performance.


Pearce Electrical have got some great ideas for your new heat pump installation – from high wall installs to units that are controlled by your mobile phone.  


Enjoy cosy comfort all year long, that won’t break the power bill - call Pearce Electrical today on 021 800 148, to talk about your heat pump options.




Pearce Electrical Ltd

David Pearce

Phone: 021 800 148


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