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Need a new switchboard or switchboard upgrade?


You probably haven’t thought much about your switchboard, except now that it may be causing a few problems, or you need to upgrade it!


Switchboards are the heart of the home, the source of your power, safety and reliability.  


Switchboard checks or upgrades


At Pearce Electrical, we can ensure your switchboard is energy-efficient, safe and in proper working order, as well as certifying your switchboard meets the AS/NZS standards.  


A certified switchboard keeps your family and assets safe from fires and faults.  It reduces your maintenance, the replacement costs of affected appliances and improves the lifespan of your electrical equipment.  


Switchboard upgrades for businesses

For businesses, a switchboard upgrade means you’re compliant with current regulations and maintaining a safe environment for your employees, customers, stock and assets.  

A new switchboard ensures you’ve got the correct setup to match your business needs and adds reliability to power your business.

For modern business switchboards, we can also add RCD safety switches for a safer working place.


​Is your home built before 1992?


It is worth having your switchboard inspected if your home has been built before 1992.


Our experience has shown that in earlier homes the old fuses and circuit breakers may not even blow or trip under fault conditions due to their age and lack of service history.


Switchboard technology has changed a lot


Old fuses are designed to blow when the current increases, instead they can burn which can sometimes cause a fire.  The introduction of modern circuit breakers and RCDs, protect humans better by disconnecting the power when there is an increase or imbalance in the circuit.


New switchboard upgrades with Pearce Electrical 

Fully qualified and licensed Master electricians from Pearce Electrical can provide you with peace of mind with your switchboard upgrade.  

Our complete service includes - 

  1. Removal and disposal of your old fuse box (including asbestos)

  2. Install modern RCDs and circuit breakers

  3. Install new switchboard enclosure with fully labelled switches

  4. A certificate of compliance that your new switchboard meets AS/NZS standards.


If it’s a switchboard check you require or a complete upgrade, Pearce Electrical, is ready to advise your next move to safety.


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