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When should you upgrade your home electrical switchboard?

Many people don't think about their electrical switchboard until there is a problem. But, it's essential to know the warning signs that an upgrade may be necessary. If you are experiencing frequent power outages or your home is being hit by lightning, this could mean your electrical switchboard needs to be upgraded soon. Several other signs indicate an old electrical system isn't up for today's tasks and tomorrows, like increased energy bills and aged wiring within walls.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to upgrade your electrical switchboard.

Your home's electrical system is more than 10 years old

If your home's electrical system is more than ten years old, then it may be time to upgrade the switchboard. A decade ago, we didn't use as much electricity in our homes or appliances, so a less complex and durable circuit board would have been enough for what was needed back at that point in history... But now things are different!

You're experiencing power surges, brownouts, or blackouts

Do your lights occasionally flicker or dim during peak hours? Then this is a sign that your electrical system could be faulty.

If you're experiencing power surges, brownouts or black downs in addition to these signs of dimming lights--then it may just finally time for an upgrade!

You have a lot of electronics in your home that is drawing a lot of power.

Let's face it, household consumer electronic devices are on the rise, and they are using up more power than ever before!

When you look at your monthly electricity bill, an increase in electrical use is definitely a sign that there may be over capacity and the need for upgrades.

Your fuse box has been damaged by water or fire damage

While this might seem pretty obvious, it may not always be apparent at first sight, which is why regular maintenance checks are critical. However, if you notice that your fuse box has been damaged or burnt, it is time to get a professional in for an inspection.

The wiring in your house isn't up to code and needs to be replaced with newer wires for safety reasons.

While you might not be aware of this at the time, there may come a day when your old home is no longer safe to occupy. Your friendly electrician will know when a home is up to code to provide the best level of safety in your place.

If you're not sure if your wiring is up to code, a quick way of checking this out would be to inspect the colour insulation on all wires. The up-to-date wire should have brown or green coloured insulators, and older ones may show white insulated backings - those are no longer safe for use in any circumstances!

Basically, if you have not had a recent electrical maintenance inspection and your home is more than 15 years old, it's probably time to make an appointment with a qualified electrician.

Your home might not be dangerous right now, but the risks are there, and they're more likely than ever as your wiring ages over years or decades! It is always better safe than sorry when you come across these situations, so seek professional help before something goes wrong.

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